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INGO Group


INGO International Insurance Group, not being a legal entity and representing an insurance union of companies, makes its activity principle aim a creation of favorable conditions for development of insurance business and enforcement of positions of its participants on the territory of states and regions, where interests of the Group members are represented with the purpose of fuller and comprehensive satisfaction of public needs in insurance services.

“INGO” Group – is me:

  • Absolute guarantee of its liabilities fulfilment against occurrence of insured event by means of use of reinsurance capacities of the Group and adjusted contacts of Ingosstrakh on reinsurance markets of the West;
  • Advanced insurance technologies;
  • High staff professionalism;
  • Ability to provide insurance service to a Client on the world standard level practically at any point of the Earth.

On 18 November 2002, the “Ingosstrah” Insurance Company signed the new contract regulating relations inside the Transnational group (TNG) “INGOSSTRAKH established in 1997. The “INGOSSTRAKH” Group unites with the participation of the OIJSC “Ingosstrah’ capital. At the moment the Group includes the following companies:


Gist of the present agreement consists in deepening of Group members’ integration in part of mutual efforts for development of insurance activity. Eventually the purpose of the agreement is the further increase in quality of consumers’ service and increase of work effectiveness of the companies – members of the TNG.

Within the frameworks of the Agreement members of the TNG have committed themselves with:

  • Form and pursue an agreed insurance and reinsurance policy;
  • Expand the sphere of activity of the “INGOSSTRAKH” TNG members on national and global insurance markets;
  • Search for possibility of specialization of TNG members along separate fields, kinds of insurance and groups of consumers – where the specialization is proved to be is justified;
  • Carry out joint work for unification and integration of technological processes of insurance;
  • Form unified quality standards of provided services;
  • Improve methods and ways of available insurance products realization;
  • Jointly develop insurance products and accomplish their promotion;
  • Improve the system of reinsurance protection within the frameworks of the Group;
  • Accomplish collaboration for the purpose of expansion of clients’ data base of the companies–members and attraction of large corporate clients for insurance;
  • Conduct coordinated investment policy, carry out joint investment and other financial projects;
  • Coordinate and improve advertising and marketing policy.

Companies-members of the Group express confidence in that the deep integration allows to improve quality of services, provided to consumers, compete successfully on the national insurance markets, increase effectiveness of insurance and attendant operations.