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  • The 31 of October the company "Kyrgyzzstrakh" was 21 years old.
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The 31 of October the company "Kyrgyzzstrakh" was 21 years old.











The 31 of October  the company "Kyrgyzzstrakh" was 21 years old. The company was established in 1996, and since then "Kyrgyzzinstrakh" has developed along with the country, has been in the wake of the main events of the financial system of the country. Congratulating all employees, the Chairman of the company "Kyrgyzzstrakh" Dinara Sarylbekovna noted: "Today we have a big holiday - 21-year of the company. I am proud and happy that I work here and I am sure that with such a team of professionals we will be even better, faster and more progressive. Age gave us experience, wisdom and  the years have made us one monolith. Let's remember this, appreciate every member of our huge family called "Kyrgyzinstrakh". Possessing strength and unity, we with a smile go to the future, as an invincible team. On our birthday, I congratulate all employees and those who today work in other companies with the will of our holiday. "

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