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Why is it necessary to ensure a car today?












Traffic accident statistics on the streets are growing at an alarming rate, Radio Azattyk reports. The number of accidents on the roads of Kyrgyzstan has increased in recent weeks. In the first six months of 2021, 3,400 road accidents were registered in Kyrgyzstan. This was reported July 23 on the air of "Birinchi Radio" by Otkurbek Umarov, head of the Road Safety Directorate. 

Because of this, hull insurance is the most reasonable investment, so the car owner can receive monetary compensation if the car is damaged or stolen.

You can insure almost any vehicle:

- cars,

- trucks,

- buses,

- trailers.


Once you get auto insurance from our company, you will get a guaranteed settlement upon the occurrence of the following:

- an accident and any traffic accident;

- car fire;

- Damage from unexpected and force majeure (hail, explosion, natural disaster, flood, lightning strike);

- theft of the car;

- intentional damage of the vehicle by third parties (broken windows, overturned body);

- Damage by accidental objects (branches, rubble, stones).

Why choose us: 

-Fast settlement of any issues that arise.

-A flexible discount system is available for those who order comprehensive insurance.

-Provision of high-quality services in the field of all types of insurance, conscientious, and timely fulfillment of undertaken obligations.

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