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“Ingosstrakh” Insurance Joint-Stock Company was established in the year 1996. Over a period of 20 years “Ingosstrakh” provides qualitative services of insurance and is a leading company on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

“Ingosstrakh” IJSC is Kyrgyz legal entity, joint venture with “Ingosstrakh” Insurance Company (Moscow, Russia), as well as a member of “INGO” International Insurance Group. At the moment, the Group includes 12 companies, such as: “Ingosstrakh” IPJSC (Russia); "INGO Uzbekistan" IJSC (Uzbekistan), “Ingosstrakh” CIJSC (Belarus); "Ingo Armenia" CIJSC (Armenia) and others. Aggregate capital of the “ONGO” Group is over 900 million US dollars. A joint cooperation in formation of united high standards of insurance services and coordination of various business projects is accomplished within the Group. This allows to ensure reliable reinsurance protection and suggest our clients attractive programs and insurance products.

“Ingosstrakh” IJSC also owns high paid authorized capital among insurance companies, working in the Kyrgyz Republic. Own capital of the “Ingosstrakh” IJSC makes up over 213,4 million KGS, including authorized capital of 118,1 million KGS.

“Ingosstrakh” today:

Is the largest national insurer, universal insurance company with united team of professionals, it is 40 kinds of insurance and reinsurance services and products, which satisfy any demands of our clients. Professional approach to the labor of love, knowledge of insurance market and perfectly debugged organization of work shall further facilitate more successful development of the company.

Mission of “Ingosstrakh” IJSC

To help people to manage risks and minimize their financial losses. To provide with financial protection and confidence in tomorrow.

Aim of “Ingosstrakh” IJSC

To maintain the leading positions and status of reliable and responsible partner.