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ACCIDENT - average, explosion, crash, road traffic incident, followed by death, injury, destruction or damage of insured object.

ACQUISITION – professional job of an insurance agent and insurance broker for attraction of new agreements of individual persons and legal entities insurance to the insurance portfolio.

ACTUARIAL CALCULATIONS –aggregate of economic and mathematic methods of tariff rates calculations.

ACTUARY –specialist in the field of actuary calculations.

ADDENDUM – written addition to an earlier concluded agreement of insurance of reinsurance, in which changes to earlier provided conditions of agreements are contained.

AGENCY AGREEMENT – an agreement with an individual person or a legal entity (agent) on his / her fulfilment of corresponding responsibilities (missions) in the interests and on behalf of the principal arising from conditions of agency agreement.

AGENCY COMMISSION – payment for services of the agent for his / her execution of corresponding responsibilities (missions) in the interests and on behalf of the principal in accordance with the agency agreement conditions, concluded between them.

AGENT – authorized individual person or legal entity, carrying out missions or performing definite acts on behalf and in the interests of the other person (principal). Agent usually acts under power of attorney of the principal or in accordance with conditions of agency agreement, concluded between the principal and the agent. Insurance companies widely resort to services of agents.

ANTIMONOPOLY REGULATION – an aggregate of legislative, administration and economic measures, accomplished by the government (insurance supervision) with the purpose of limitation of possibilities of insurers to monopolize the insurance market.

ASSIGNEE (CESSIONARY) - insurer, accepting risks to reinsurance.

ASSIGNING OF RISK – See assignment (cession).

ASSIGNMENT (CESSION) – process of insurance risk transference to reinsurance. Exists in legal relations between assignor and assignee.

ASSIGNOR – insurer, assigning insurance risk to reinsurance.