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CAPTIVE COMPANIES – insurance companies, hold by large industrial or commercial trusts for the purpose of insurance of all or part of risks, owned by them.

CARGO – goods or property, carried by sea-going vessel for the purpose of freight receipt, insurance of transported cargo.

CASCO – a term, applicable in transport insurance. Casco presupposes indemnity of harm from damage or loss of only transport vehicle and does not include liability of the insurer for harm, resulting from insured event in connection with death or causing of harm to health of passengers, damaging of property, etc.

CASH LOSS - provision of an insurance agreement, in accordance of which losses, exceeding an amount stipulated in agreements, are subject to immediate payment by reinsurers in the amount of their share (within one-two weeks as a rule).

CIVIL LIABILITY – liability of an individual, guilty in causation of damage (harm) to personality or property, to compensate it.

CO-INSURANCE – insurance, by which two and more insurers participate in insurance of one and the same risk in certain parts, issuing a common or separate policies, each for a sum insured of its share.

COMMERCIAL CLASSIFIED INFORMATION IN INSURANCE – data about an insurer activity, dissemination of which causes harm to its interests. Any confidential administrative, commercial and statistics information, being of value for insurance company in achievement of its advantages over competitors in the insurance market.

COMPETITION IN INSURANCE – economic competition of separate insurers for a share of insurance market, conclusion of concrete particularly profitable insurance agreement or reinsurance agreement. Competition serves as form of economic connection between an insured and an insurer. existence of insurers competition ensures opportunity of insurance agreement choice for an insured, and the opportunity of choice intensifies effect of competition.

COVER NOTE – a document, issued by an insurance broker to a reinsured in confirmation of that the insurance agreement is concluded “at his / her request”. Cover note contains conditions of insurance.

CUMULATION –such an aggregate of risks, by which a bulk of insured objects or several objects with considerable sums insured can be affected by one and the same insured event (for example, earthquake, hurricane), resulting in a very severe loss. Cumulation in reinsurance arises in cases, when an insurance company participates in a number of reinsurance and retrocession agreements, in which the same risks are included.