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Property insurance against fire and other risks

Property, owned or leasehold is one of the main asset of any company. Thus, the insurance protection of the property is the earnest of successful development of your business. 

Ingosstrakh owns most modern and advanced technologies of insurance. This means, we propose you only the best insurance products.

What can be insured under the agreement of property insurance:
  • buildings, constructions (including premises by cost of finishing and repair);
  • engineering services, equipment of main and auxiliary productions;
  • office and trade equipment, tools and inventory, furniture;
  • material stock of goods, raw materials, semiproducts in process, finished products, products for realization, on temporal storage;
  • other property.
Risks, which our policy covers:
  • fire, lightning stroke;
  • natural disaster;
  • damage by water from water-piping, sewerage, heating and sprinkler systems (systems of fire extinguishing);
  • explosion;
  • burglary;
  • malicious acts of third persons;
  • drop of piloted aircrafts;
  • collision of land transport vehicles;
  • breakage of glass, shop windows.
Why exactly we:
  • “Ingosstrakh” exists 22 years in the market;
  • “Ingosstrakh” is annually recognized as leader of insurance among other companies;
  • “Ingosstrakh” accomplished payments in the shortest possible time;
  • There will be a personal manager assigned to you, who will make the best to solve arising questions.


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