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Is one of the most dynamically developing fields of modern economy, where new opportunities for development and rapid career are opened up.

We will help you to implement outlined plans and gladly share our experience, accumulated for many long years of work in international and internal markets.


Main advantages of work in the company

  • Opportunities of one’s own career start;
  • Professional development in the company;
  • Trainings and teaching;


Vacancy of Insurance agent​:
Who is the Insurance Agent?

Insurance Agent – is a highly qualified specialist in sale, with flexible working hours and unlimited earnings.

Why is it advantageous to work by us?
  • Reputation of the company allows you to make deals faster and easier;
  • Various insurance products allow you to work with various demands of clients;
  • We shall train and support you free of charge at the start-up period.
Functional duties:
  • Search and attraction of new clients (physical persons and legal entities);
  • Conduction of negotiations and presentations; conclusion of contracts.
  • Communicability;
  • Active standard in life;
  • Desire for earning and development;
  • Learnability;
  • Availability of own clients data base is welcomed.
We suggest:
  • Work in the large insurance company;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Comfortable location of the office;
  • Motivation depending on volume and structure of the portfolio;
  • Individual terms and conditions are agreed upon interview;
  • Free education.


Interested candidates are welcomed to send their CVs to: kinstrakh@ingo.kg