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Insurance of liability of auto carriers and forwarding agents










Our Company offers insurance of liability of auto carriers and forwarding agents while accomplishment of transportations by any kind of transport to protect property interests of enterprises, carrying out their activity in transportation and logistics sphere. Insurance of civil liability of auto carrier or forwarding agent (CMR insurance) is carried out through conclusion of general agreement with companies, providing services of transportation or forwarding of cargo.

What can be insured:
  • Liability for damage, loss or deprivation of cargo, including insurance within the frameworks of CMR Convention of 1965;
  • Liability for damage, caused to life, health and / or property of third parties;
  • Liability for finance losses of the Insured’s clients, consequent of errors of the Insured;
  • Expenses for salvage of cargo, for decrease of losses and court costs.
Liability insurance of forwarding agents and carriers is possible against the following risks:
  • Liability insurance of forwarding agent or carrier for loss deprivation and / or damage of cargo resulting from road traffic accidents, fire or explosion; overturning of transport means; downfall of bridges; incidents by loading, unloading or reloading, dangers while transportation; illegal acts of third persons (theft, robbery, plunder).
  • Insurance of carriers and forwarding agents against financial losses, incurred by clients of the Insured, in consequence of delay in cargo delivery; cargo release in violation of instruction about delay of release; faulty dispatch of cargo; faulty completion of goods accompanying documents.
  • Taxes and dues payment liability.
  • Carrier liability insurance for harm caused by transportable (stackable) cargo.
  • Expenses for investigation of insured event circumstances.
  • Expenses for prevention or decrease of amount of loss.
Flexible insurance conditions:

Extents of tariff rates are calculated individually in every concrete case and corrected depending on kind of transported cargo, transportation volume, routs of transportation, amount of transportation facilities, insurance terms and conditions and chosen liability limits.

Why exactly we:
  • “Ingosstrakh” exists 22 years in the market;
  • “Ingosstrakh” is annually recognized as leader of insurance among other companies;
  • “Ingosstrakh” accomplished payments in the shortest possible time;
  • There will be a personal manager assigned to you, who will make the best to solve arising questions.


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