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FACULTATIVE REINSURANCE – method of reinsurance, by which assignor and reinsurer are given an opportunity of evaluate risks, which can be assigned to reinsurance fully or partially (in a definite share). at discretion of an assignor there can be only one kind of liability assigned to reinsurance from the general quantity of insured kinds of liability. Reinsurer can fully reject this proposal and lay down a counter condition of a facultative reinsurance agreement.

FAULT OF INSURED – it is customary to distinguish gross or intentional fault of the insured and carelessness. Gross fault of the insured is a sufficient basis for the insurer to refuse in payment of insurance indemnification or to pay it on a compromise basis depending on character and size of damage. Carelessness and negligence of the insured, unless they have no sufficiently serious consequences, can be considered by the insurer as excusable causes by decision of insurance indemnification issue.

FRONTING – accept of risks to insurance reinsurance for the purpose of their full (100%) assigning to another insurance or reinsurance companies, often upon request of the later for the corresponding remuneration.

FRONTING COMPANY – an insurer, issuing insurance policy on its behalf upon request of another insurer, meaning that 100% of the accepted risk will be reinsured by that insurance company, upon request of which the insurance policy is issued.    страховщик, выдающий по просьбе другого страховщика страховой полис от своего имени, имея в виду, что 100% принятого риска будет перестраховано у той страховой компании, по просьбе которой выдается этот страховой полис. As long as a fronting company accepts legal liability against an insured, it has the right for a fronting remuneration.