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Property insurance

Dear Client of Ingosstrakh,

On an insurance event you SHOULD NOT to:

  • give way to panic. Remember – your property is insured.
  • Take decision on payment of services of repair organizations without preliminary consultation with specialists of Ingosstrakh.

Actions of the Insured upon the insured event:

Notify Ingosstrakh or its authorized representative about the insured events within 3 working days form the date of the insured events occurrence in written (by post, by courier, per telex, telegraph or telefax).

In case of fire:

  1. Take measures to extinguish a fire, immediately inform about the incident to fire service authorities per telephone number 101 and then act upon recommendations of fire fighters.
  2. Take measures to preserve what have remained intact;
  3. Get a certificate from fire service authorities with indication of cause of the fire and taken decision (in case of investigation materials forwarding to law enforcement authorities, a documents from these authorities) and forward them to Ingosstrakh.

In case of illegal actions of third persons:

  1. Immediately inform territory department of militia about the incident per telephone number 102 and call officers of territory department of militia to the place of incident.
  2. Take measures to preserve what have remained intact;
  3. Write an application about the happened to the territory department of militia for identification and calling guilty persons to account.
  4. Get a certificate confirming the fact of incident in internal affairs authorities.

In cases of natural disasters:

  1. Immediately inform hydrometeorological service authorities for getting a certificate about the happened.
  2. Take measures to preserve what have remained intact;

In case of damage from water:

  1. Inform housing operational organization;
  2. Take measure for preservation of property;
  3. Report an incident to Ingosstrakh and henceforth act upon its directions.


General recommendations:

For consultations please contact the phone No.:

  • +996 (312 / 558 / 701 / 777) 98 67 68
  • +996 (312) 61 45 88
  • +996 (312) 61 46 34