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Liability insurance of housing property owners

Wherefore the policy is needed?

Ownership (use) of an apartment –s not only happiness and comfort, but also a liability against neighbors.

You can unintentionally cause considerable harm to property of your neighbors, harm to their life or health. You can be let down by a seemingly reliable technique and equipment of the apartment, inattention or carelessness of children, or elderly people. Even if the average of water supply system occurred in your apartment, your neighbors are entitled to claim for a compensation from you.

In the presence of an agreement for Liability insurance of housing property owners with Ingosstrakh, you wouldn’t have to cover the loss, caused by neighbors due to unforeseen circumstances from your own means.

Thereon Ingosstrakh indemnifies:
  1. Expenditures, connected with undeliberate cause of harm to life, health, property of injured people by use of the dwellings, indicated in the insurance agreement, as well utility rooms related to it, by the Client resulting from:
  • fire, explosion (including concomitant phenomena of these events (smoke, soot, etc.) as well as measures, taken for fire extinguishing or for prevention of its spread);
  • water intrusion from dwellings and utility rooms, being used by the Client (user of the dwelling), including from water-pipe, sewage, heating and firefighting systems, including fault of these systems;
  • reconstruction (replanning, reequipment) of dwellings and utility rooms;
  • repair of dwellings and utility rooms;
  • repair and replacement of sanitary appliances, gas, electric and other equipment and piping to it in dwellings and utility rooms, what entailed making reasonable claims to the Client (user of dwelling) on compensation of injured harm.
  1. Court costs, arisen by the Client (user of the dwelling) as a result of insured events occurrence.
Main reason for the policy purchase:
  • To compensate possible loss:

In order not to pay compensation of harm to property or health of neighbors out of one's pocket.

 Why exactly we:
  • “Ingosstrakh” exists 22 years in the market
  • “Ingosstrakh” is annually recognized as leader of insurance among other companies
  • “Ingosstrakh” accomplished payments in the shortest possible time
Additionally, we recommend:
How much will the policy cost?

Our specialists will be very pleased to provide you with a detailed consultation and calculate the cost of insurance policy per telephone numbers:

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