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Travel insurance

Wherefore the policy is needed?

Travel insurance is an indispensable thing for anyone departing independently from a trip character, be it business or tourist one. Local cousin, wild nature, cultural differences – any unsuccessful “acquaintance” with the other country can ruin your plans. And a qualified medical aid in foreign country, as a rule, is very expensive and difficult to be found in emergency.

Furthermore, availability of valid insurance policy of Medical Expenses Insurance is obligatory requirement for departing abroad for getting visas to Schengen Zone states.

How does this kind of insurance function?

Given the insurance policy of Ingosstrakh our clients do not have to pay expensive services of doctors, medicine purchase and transportation on their own. It will be sufficient to call up the numbers, indicated in the policy, and representatives of Service Center “EROPASSISTANCE” will assist in getting medical aid all over the world round-the-clock.

Validity period of the insurance policy can be nay period from 1 day to 1 year.

What expenses does the policy cover?

The policy of Ingosstrakh covers the following medical and medical – transportation expenses for:

  • stay and treatment in hospital, including medical services, conduction of operations, diagnostic examinations, as well as for payment for medicine, dressing means and stabilizers (plaster cast, bandage) prescribed by a doctor;
  • out-patient treatment, including expenses for medical services, diagnostic examinations, as well as for payment for medicine, dressing means and stabilizers (plaster cast, bandage) prescribed by a doctor;
  • evacuation from the scene of actio to the nearest medical institution or to a doctor in immediate proximity in the country of sojournment;
  • emergency medical repatriation by means of adequate transport vehicle, including expenses for accompanying person to the place of residence of the Insured;
  • medical repatriation of the Insured from abroad to the place of residence of the Insured or to the nearest medical institution domiciliary;
  • one-way fare expenses of the Insured to the place of permanent residence of the Insured;
  • one-way fare expenses in economy class for children, being by the Insured during the stay abroad;
  • postmortem repatriation of the body to the place of permanent residence of the Insured.
3 reasons for the policy purchase:
  1. The policy is obligatory in countries of Schengen zone:

For the Schengen countries medical insurance is one of the documents, obligatory for getting visa: entry to the territory of countries of Schengen zone is possible only upon availability of the policy;

  1. No age limit for insurance

With no age limit, our travel insurance is ideal for people who want peace of mind when travelling;

  1. The Policy is valid for trips of every type:

The policy allows to cover medical expenses abroad not depending on the purpose of the departure: tourism, business trip, active rest, competitions;

Why exactly we:
  • “Ingosstrakh” exists 22 years in the market;
  • “Ingosstrakh” is annually recognized as leader of insurance among other companies;
  • “Ingosstrakh” accomplished payments in the shortest possible time.
Additionally, we recommend:
  • Property insurance. You can peacefully enjoy your trip, without any worries about the left home, non- shut down irons or taps, and about department of your neighbors.
How much will the policy cost?

Our specialists will be very pleased to provide you with a detailed consultation and calculate the cost of insurance policy per telephone numbers:

  • +996 (312) 98 67 68
  • +996 (558) 98 67 68
  • +996 (701) 98 67 68
  • +996 (777) 98 67 68
  • +996 (312) 61 45 88
  • +996 (312) 61 46 34


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