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LEADER - lead underwriter, who’s name comes first in slip. Leader has to be a person experienced in insurance filed to which the assigned risk belongs; he has to be able to correctly set a premium rate and determine insurance conditions so that other insurers (reinsurers) follow him; he has to rationally establish a share of his participation; enjoy confidence and be held in respect of insurers (reinsurers).

LIQUIDATION OF LOSSES – a complex of measures of an insurer for determination of causes, factors and circumstances (confirmed by conclusive evidences) of an insured event and insurance indemnity payment.

LOSS INDEMNITY – full or partial compensation of losses in property volume by the insurer in consequence of its destruction or damage resulting from insured event, or replenishment of lost income, replenishment of damage to health be means of insurance indemnity payment. In property insurance compensates is the loss, incurred by the insured, in liability insurance – the loss, injured to the third person.

LOSSES PROVISION – one of conditions of reinsurance agreements, according to which an insurance company, assigning risks to reinsurance, has the right to create and retain provision for the amount of losses declared but not paid yet.

LOSSES, NOT PAYABLE BY AN INSURER – usually an insurer is exempted from liability for losses, which could occur as the result of dangers, not covered by conditions of insurance, as well as for losses resulted from intentional acts of an insured.

LUMPSUM SYSTEM – a system, used in insurance of a driver and passengers from accidents, under which sum insured is established for the whole transport vehicle, and every person in it is considered insured in a corresponding share from the total sum insured.