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BONUS – discount from an insurance premium in absolute values, percentages or pro milles, which the insurer grants for conclusion of insurance agreement on conditions mostly profitable for him. Size of the bonus is reflected in the insurance policy. In American insurance practice Bonus is called rebate.

BORDERO – list of risks accepted for insurance of reinsurance. Bonus is given by an assignor (reinsured) to reinsurer in terms, stipulated in the insurance agreement.

BROKER – an intermediary between insured and insurer (reinsured and reinsurer) by conclusion of insurance (reinsurance) agreements, getting a definite remuneration for this intermediation. Broker has to be an expert in legislation filed and insurance practice. It is considered that broker, being professional has to know everything possible about insurance, and his / her knowledge has to facilitate ensuring of best conditions of insurance and premium rates for the principal. Broker is the agent of an insured (reinsured), but not of the insurer (reinsurer). Broker bears no legal liability against the insured (reinsured), that however does not exclude moral responsibility. If the broker admitted negligence by fulfilment of his / her duties, in the result of which a damage to the insured (reinsured) was injured, the later has the right to claim for the damage indemnification from the broker.