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ENDORSEMENT - conveyance endorsement on the insurance policy. There are name endorsements, upon which rights are transferred to a concrete person, and blank endorsements, issued to bearer of the insurance policy.

EXCESS – amount of risk, subject to reinsurance above the self-retention of the insurance company, which has accepted the risk for insurance. The reinsured sum is usually confined with a definite limit, which is customary called excess. Excess is usually makes up amount of self-retention of the assigning company multiplied in a definite number of times.

EXCESS OF LOSS – disproportionate reinsurance agreement, which takes effect only when the final amount of loss under the insured risk resulting from the insured event exceeds a conditioned amount (priority).

EXTRA-PREMIUM – additional premium paid by an insured to an insurer above the usual premium for insurance of additional risks of heightened danger.