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UBERRIMA FIDES – bearing in mind that the insurer in marine insurance, as a rule, is disabled to examine objects of insurance, thereupon marine insurance is based on the principle of uberrima fides. This principle has to be displayed both by an insured and an insurer. Otherwise can serve as cause for one of the parties to terminate the agreement.

UNDERWRITER – a person, authorized by the insurance (reinsurance) company or Lloyd's syndicate to take risks for insurance (reinsurance). The person is responsible for forming of insurance (reinsurance) portfolio of an insurer and / or a reinsurer. The person has to possess necessary knowledge and practice for setting up the corresponding rate of risk, premium rates and insurance conditions.

UNDERWRITER PRACTICE – policy, conducted by insurance company for acceptance definite risks for insurance (full denial from acceptance, acceptance within definite limits or on the determined conditions).

UNFINISHED LOSS – loss as per insured risk declared by the insured to insurer, that is not paid yet. If the declared losses are not paid till the end of reporting year, the insurer charges a provision for the aggregate amount of such losses.

UNPROFITABLENESS – ration of paid losses amount for a determined period to net-profit for the same period. It serves as indicator of passing of a deal.

UNPROFITABLENESS OF SUM INSURED - economic indicator of activities of an insurer, characterizing a ration between payments of insurance indemnity and sum insured.